All talks will take place at Universidad de la Habana, edificio Varona (Varona building).

When arriving on Tuesday 11th, please go to the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science (building number 6 in the map below) in order to register and get your badge. Enter the faculty, walk on the right hall, the second door is the Department of Mathematics. There you will receive your badge. The opening is at 10:00 at Varona building (edificio Varona), number 9 in the map, first floor, room 290 (salón 290).


The organisation can assist in reserving a room for you, either at Hotel Vedado or at casas particulares (private rooms for rent, a common accommodation in Habana). If you are not already in contact with the organisers about this, please write to Valentina Badía .

If you reserved a hotel through the organisation of the school, you should have received an email asking you to pay in advance via an online platform. They usually give the choice of several meal plans. We suggest that you choose only breakfast, since lunch will take place close to the university.


We remind all non-Cuban participants that a visa is needed to enter Cuba. A tourist visa is easy to obtain (any travel agency can help you) and is enough to attend the school.

If you are in contact with the travel agency for your hotel reservation, they can also assist in reserving transportation between the airport and Habana.

If you have not reserved transportation from the airport, you can exchange money at the airport and take a taxi to Habana, at a cost of 25 CUC. The trip from the airport to Vedado takes about 35 minutes.

A taxi between Vedado and Habana Vieja (historical city center) is about 5-10 CUC. The price can be bargained, so do not hesitate to try.

Personal data and internet connection

If you wish to have an internet connection at the university in Habana, please send your passport number to Valentina Badía ⟨valia@matcom.uh.cu⟩.

Around the city there are certain wifi zones ("zonas wifi"), generally at parks. In order to use them you must buy a card at an office of the Telecommunications Company (Empresa de Telecomunicaciones) ETECSA, at a cost of 1 CUC per hour of connection. The are resellers at parks who will sell you the same cards at 2 CUC / hour.

An app with an offline map of Habana may be useful around the city.


You can exchange money at the exchange houses or CADECA ("casa de cambio"). The exchange rate should be 1 euro = 1.09 CUC and 1 dollar = 0.87 CUC.


It is quite hot and humid at this time of the year in Cuba, so plan accordingly. Shorts are usual at the university, and it is recommended that you bring a hat or umbrella for the sun. It is also recommended that you bring sunscreen with you.